Semester One

Module Code Module Name
EPI-11 Epidemiology
BIO-12 Biostatistics
REM-13 Research Methods
PSO-14 Public Health Surveillance and Outbreak Investigation
SWC-15 Scientific writing and Communication skills
FBE-16 Fieldwork of Basic skills epidemiology

Semester Two

Module Code Module Name
LBS-21 Laboratory and Bio-safety, Anti-Microbial Resistance, and International Health Regulations
DIM-22 Disaster Management
CNC-23 Communicable and Non-Communicable diseases
ENV-24 Environmental Epidemiology
FIE-25 Fieldwork of Intermediate Epidemiology

Semester Three

Module Code Module Name
MAL-31 Management and Leadership
TEM-32 Teaching and Mentoring
FAE-33 Field work of Advanced Epidemiology

Semester Four

Module Code Module Name
PRW-41 Proposal Writing
GPR-42 Graduation project [Dissertation]