How to Apply

  1. Interested applicant submits letter of intent to your Directorate at the ministry of health to ask for nomination (include all the required documents above)
  2. The applicants’ directorate decides which candidates they would like to nominate for the program
  3. Letters of nomination are sent from the relative directorate to the Human Resources for Health Directorate and Program office
  4. Nominated applicant fill in application forms and submit to program along with other application documents (form is provided by SFETP office at HEEC directorate)
  5. First round of interviews is conducted to short list applicants.
  6. Short listed candidates are selected based on:
  • Interest and motivation to work in the field of Public Health and Epidemiology
  • State they are applying from
  • Communication skills, language and computer skills.
  1. Short listed candidates will sit for a second-round interview with a panel of experts in the field of Public Health and Epidemiology and will be required to submit a motivation letter.
  2. Final list of residents will be contacted by program office for enrolment.